Frequently Asked Questions

Q)  What is a domain?

A domain is can refer either to a local subnetwork or to descriptors for sites on the Internet

(e.g., www.givereport.com).  Click here for a Wikipedia version...

Q)  Why do I need a domain?

A web domain acts as an address to your business.  If you were asked "How do I get to your business?" you would give me an address. In order to setup a website you need to have a domain to point to like your business address.  You can setup your email in the same fashion.

Q)  Is a website really necessary?

Here's a quick question for you: Why are you using the web to find out more on why you need a website?  I hope you find humor in that question.

A website really is the first step in many that you are going to take to get more exposure for your business.  It makes perfect sense to have a central place where anyone interested in your products or services can go.  A website gives you a chance to show potential and current customers information about your business and activities that they might want to know about at any given time.

Q)  Why do I need an E-mail setup with my domain?

It is important to maximize your opportunity to get someone to visit your website.  So by having your E-mail setup with your domain means that every time you contact someone via E-mail you are branding yourself too.  YOU@yourdomain.com ... If you have a website for your domain, who ever sees your email can see your website address as well.  ...@yourdomain.com

We will post more FAQ's, but in the mean time if you have any questions please Contact Us.

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